Hi folks and welcome to the wonderful world of Bendaroos.

There are many reasons for both children and their parents to love Bendaroos.

The more you use them the better you get. Be amazed at your own level of creativity.

Now you can turn your doodling creativity into a world full of colour and dimensions.

Bendaroos are completely mess free, they don't stain, they stick together, they are easily cleaned and can be used to make temporary pictures or more permanent decorations on personalized items.

Bendaroos can be freestanding or will stick onto almost any surface without leaving any mess behind. Make a nice picture on your windows, mark your name on your room, personalize your decor or even make your own mobile. Bendaroos can also be used on the fridge as a simple picture, or even use them for sticking on the school pictures or shopping list onto your fridge. When you take them off a simple wipe with a cloth will remove the small layer of wax that is the only evidance of the Bendaroos ever being there.

No more crayons and koki pens lying around all over the place leaving marks on the walls, furniture or cars. Because Bendaroos stick together they are the perfect travel toy for the car or aeroplane and restaurant, and they don't leave any evidence behind.

With Bendaroos the colours don't mix. Twist them together and pull them apart and they will not lose any of the original colour.

The Bendaroos are 15cm long can join together to extend them as far as the moon. Simply take the two ends press them together and roll between your finger tips to double the length .The more you join them the longer they get.

Bendaroos are great for working the finer muscles in the fingers so are great for improving hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.


Pure fun for kids ages 3 and up!